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Week 2 of Charged Up

Week two of the Charged Up season presented by HAAS has been electrifying! The week started with laser cut parts coming back from powder coating thanks to our sponsor Jensen Metal Products. Professional looking industrial design is a focus of this year's two robot parallel build. Our business team is making great strides with awards submissions and the marketing of our program as you will see in this weeks video update. We have the largest group of students using CAD this year and it is proving to be a big help with the constraints of a frantic 6 week build season. Our goal was to deliver a working chassis to our programing team by the end of this week and we can officially check that box DONE. Thanks to our school providing us with a permeant room for testing, this season our program group is positioned to make a quantum leap in robot performance. We top all of this off with the fact that we did a two day demo at the Wisconsin State Education Convention at the Wisconsin Center, and it was FINALS WEEK and you could say we go a lot done. Enjoy the up date video.

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