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Houston Texas here we come!

It's 3:00 am and Round Table Robotics is heading out to Midway Airport to catch out flight to the FIRST Robotics competition's World Championship, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas. Will will be joining over 600 other FRC teams from around the world. By this afternoon there will be 50,000 people enjoying 3 full days of ROBOT action.

Over the last three week we decided to iterate our robot and change how the game piece is acquired. Previously, our arm would extend out-side of our robot to intake a note. Now, we pass over the note and intake it up to a much shorter arm inside the robot at all times. The goal is to make the robot less susceptible to damage from other aggressive robots on the field. This is the first year we have ever attempted such a big change, mid season and we could not have done it without the support of our mentors, parents and sponsors.

There are eight fields at FIRST Championships, each one named after an renowned scientist. We are joining 74 other teams in the NEWTON DIVISION, sponsored by Medtronic. We will be playing with and against teams from all over the US as well as teams from Canada, Israel, Australia, Türkiye, England, Chinese Taipei, Brazil, Mexico and India. Please check out the live stream starting at 8am CT

Big shout out to our GOLD LEVEL SPONSOR, AIM Expedited for getting us, and 3 other teams down to Houston!

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