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Wisconsin Regional Event

Roundtable Robotics attended the Wisconsin Regional held at the UWM Panther Arena in Milwaukee.


Round Table Robots had an incredible time battling through the Wisconsin Regional back on March 16th & 17th. Because we have already qualified for championships in Houston Texas, next month, this weekend was a valuable learning experience up against very capable competition. Our pit crew was able to quickly repair BOOMBOX’s intake after an aggressive match. We discovered some programing issue that affected out shooting accuracy and we learned (THE HARD WAY) that we have a serious design flaw making it imposable to get rid of an extra game piece if it gets stuck in our chassis.

Our IMPACT Presenters again showed the judges what a well rounded FRC team looks like, and we were very pleased to see our friends, Team 930 Bears, take home this year’s IMPACT Award at Milwaukee. We are so excited that NASA has sponsored our registration fees, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to fundraising to get our team to Houston. If you or your company can help us, please let us know. We would love to demonstrate our robot for you.

An important part of every competition is Scouting. All of our team members in the stand record data on every team in every match so we know what teams we will work well with and what are chances are for a win in each match. Quality analytics like this give us a leg up when our robot takes the field. Learning why attention to detail is important is just one of the ways our program prepares us for future employment.

Our countdown to HOUSTON is 17 days, so why would we not make the crazy decision to build a new robot to take to Champs. Please continue to follow us as we build BOOMBOX, the B-side and enjoy this video recap from Milwaukee.


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