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Sussex Scrimmage / Robot Reveal

This week we learned of things to improve and fix on the robot and showed it off to the public during our robot reveal.


We're using this week to work as hard as we can on fixing issues found at the Sussex Scrimmage. During the Sussex Scrimmage, the rivets fell out of our robot arm. A chain on the robot snapped during one of the matches. We fixed these things during the week. Another spare intake is also being built for use just in case.

While at Sussex, we did scouting on the teams and robots that were competing, Scouting data is used in strategizing during competitions and alliance selection, at least. Freshman RTR team member Noah led scouting activities.

During Sussex, we won the 'Nifty And Thrifty' award and got a Sussex Scrimmage chain!

Switching gears to the Robot Reveal, we demonstrated our Impact Award Presentation and showed off our competition robot.

The FLL team from Empower Academy Radioactive Llama's (EARL) joined us that evening. They are traveling to Longbeach, California for an elite completion and are looking for sponsorship for the travel.

If you want to support the Llamas, use code "Llamas" or "Lego"


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

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