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Our Summer Schedule!

Hello Team, Supporters, Family and Friends! Our summer season is off to a bang and we thought this would be a great time to share both an update and a schedule of upcoming events. We ended a VERY successful 2021/2022 season with a Chairman's Award invitation to FIRST World Championships where we had a record of 6-4-0 in the Turing Division. check out our Houston recap video on our YouTube Channel like & follow us for future video updates.

We started the Month of June by celebrating our graduating seniors. It was so fun watching them grow and learn over the years. We wish them success in the future and hope they will find time to return and support our program or find a local group that could benefit from their knowledge.

The end of the school year means we get started on our summer parade project. This years project involves our new and returning students building a new (from the ground up) robot for the Oak Creek 4th of July Parade using TANK TREADS. This is a first for us and we have already learned a lot. We meet every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 8:30 pm in room 14 of the High School building. This program is open to all OCHS Students. This Monday June, 20th we will be working on this robot as well as our 2023 competition robot. We are also working on branding our parade robot, setting our marketing plan for the upcoming season, making recap videos for our sponsors, redesigning our website, teaching students how to CAD and Program, and much much more. THIS IS NOT JUST ROBOTS! We are also looking for adult mentors to help us insure safety keep all of our students engaged. No experience necessary for both students and mentors.

On Tuesday June 21st we are demonstrating our 2022 competition robot at City Hall before the Common Council meeting. All students (and their families) are encouraged to attend this meeting so we can thank the city for all of their support this past year. Show time for this event is 6;30pm and City Hall south entrance.

This Wednesday's meeting (6/22/2022) is canceled because all of our adult mentors are working the Oak Creek Community Center's Summer Concert Series to raise money for the 2022/23 robotics season. If you love great music and want to support our team come out for this fun community event.

We finish off next week with our first summer off season competition at Kettle Moraine HS. Set up for this is on Friday night June 24th and the competition is on Saturday June 25th. We have a school van for students (only room for 7). Information and a sign up for can be found at

We will then be back to work on Parade Bot next Monday June 27th at 6:00 pm. If you are, or know a 9th to 10th grade Oak Creek High School student who is not familiar with our program we would love to have you check us out. If you are interested in joining us as a mentor email us at Parents or students with question please feel free to call me. Have a great weekend!

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