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IndyRage 2023

Last weekend the ladies of RTR (and a cheering section of energetic young men) made the five hour drive to Perry Meridian High School on the south side of Indianapolis with our 2023 competition robot and our new SWERVE drive test bot for a very special event.

Raising Awareness for Girls in Engineering. IndyRAGE is a unique event as it ties the FIRST competition together with an event focused on girls. Drive teams must be all female. Girls are encouraged to try new roles at this event. Pit crews are also encouraged to be all-female. but it was not a requirement. Eight girls (all but one are freshman or sophomores) did an incredible job working together to make a big impact at this event. They all took BIG steps out of their comfort zones and learned what it will take to be a more competitive. TEAM next season. They busted through a big obstacle at the start of their day, having to figure out a huge problem. They used teamwork, their interpersonal skills and a healthy amount of determination to get both robots on the field and they did not miss a single match. If you get the opportunity to talk to any of these students I encourage you to ask what obstacles they had to overcome. It's a great story. We would not get to do this with out the supports of our incredible school, our loving families and all of our generous sponsors who help us build these cool robots and travel to exciting events across the country. With the next build and competition season starting on January 6th, 2024, we are geared up for a great new year. #OMGrobots

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