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Heading in to a new school Year!

The students and mentors of Round Table Robotics hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. School starts next week and we wanted to share a few more stories from our super summer season.

We start this blog with a exciting update about the partnership we have with NC3. The NC3 Festo Bionics Camp and Class Packs initiative led by Oak Creek High School students, in collaboration with the Round Table Robotics Team has been truly transformative. Here are some key highlights:

1. **Development Team**: The development of the Festo Bionics Camp and Class Packs is being skillfully undertaken by three outstanding Oak Creek High School students who are integral members of the Round Table Robotics Team, under the guidance of Lisa Marshall. Their dedication and creativity have been driving the project forward.

2. **NC3 Leadership Summit**: In July, these talented students had the opportunity to showcase their progress at the NC3 Leadership Summit. Their presentation was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from the attendees, reflecting the substantial strides they have made in the development process.

3. **Academic Pursuits**: Notably, one of the students involved in this initiative is already demonstrating a clear commitment to their future. With aspirations in CTE Education, this endeavor is not only contributing to the immediate project but also shaping the student's academic path.

4. **Curriculum Development Expertise**: Stefany Gurgel, NC3 Master Instructor and Curriculum Developer, spent dedicated time with the trio, imparting her expertise in effective curriculum development. Her guidance has been instrumental in ensuring the educational content is impactful and engaging.

5. **Progress Milestones**: The team has already held five productive meetings as of August 31, 2023, which reflects their dedication to advancing the project efficiently and effectively.

6. **Underwriting and Scholarships**: The development of the Festo Bionics Camp and Class Packs is being generously underwritten by Festo. Furthermore, the students involved will be granted scholarships to support their post-secondary education endeavors. This speaks to the holistic impact of the initiative on both education and personal growth.

7. **Impact on Round Table Robotics High School Seniors**: Undoubtedly, this initiative has had a profound impact on the Round Table Robotics High School Seniors. By actively participating in a project that bridges education, technology, and innovation, they are gaining hands-on experience that transcends traditional classroom learning. The real-world application of their skills and the mentorship they're receiving are shaping them into more confident, capable individuals who are ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

It is exciting partnerships with companies like NC3 and Festo that let our students develop life long skills. We are excited to continue our journey and look forward to sharing more milestones as we move forward.

Our sponsor "Thank You" tour continues. Over the last couple of weeks team members have been going out to our local sponsors to thank them for their support this year. The team has repurposed a game piece and added some photos, so companies have a token of our appreciation that they can display. We are still working on reaching out to all of our 2022/23 sponsors to arrange visits. If you're a sponsor, please keep an eye out for and email from one of our team members to set up a date and time for a visit.

Team members Kaden & Anirudharj drop by to thank Manuel & Clementine for Zünd's support.

If you would consider sponsoring the team for the 2023/24 season please click here for more information.

Today is the start of our fall robot fundraiser. We are partnering with Rada Cutlery to sell American made knives and kitchen items. All funds raised from this go to building our 2024 competition robots. This is a great way to help a group of SHARP, kids make some CUTTING edge robots. Click here for more information and to order online.

This weekend is Oak Creek Lionsfest. The Oak Creek Loins club has supported us for many years and we help them with this event. Stop by for a Walking Taco and help the Lions support many programs here in Oak Creek.

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