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Week 6 - Build Season, Before Sussex

Week 6.. The week before the Sussex Scrimmage, which is on February 18th, where we plan to test our robot for our Duluth competition on the 28th of the same month. On February 20th, please join us at the Oak Creek Performing Arts and Education Center at 6:30. We’ll be showing off our 2024 competition robot, and demonstrating some of the interesting things RTR has accomplished. Speaking of that, let's get into it.


Our Business team has finished their impact video for submission. They are working on their awards for Duluth coming in 2 weeks. The robot reveal slideshow is ready for show time, and invitations were sent out to school board and to city council. Business team has also started to work on button manufacturing.

Our Design team has manufactured the lift mechanism/climber. Design team has made a CAD for super pit's shelves which will be used at Duluth. The Omio team has successfully cut out our pieces needed for the climber for the robot, and shelves for super pit.

Our Programming team has 2 autonomous routines done, are putting the code in for the climber, and are working on automating functions such as: intake, shooter, etc through "Beam Break" a sensor which will let the robot know that it has acquired a game piece. Code is being worked on for bringing the climber down at the start of the match.

Our Build team is finishing electrical and wiring so the programming team can get their hands on the robot that will be used for the Sussex Scrimmage which is on February 18th. They finished the chain and attached the new climber to the robot.


Thank you Waterstone Bank for your contribution from this week!!


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

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