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Week 2 - Build Season

Week 2 has been better with less snow days, being able to bounce back from work and made major progress.


The design for the robot has been finalized in CAD along with building the Amp and Speaker field elements.

With the help of our sponsors, RTR was able to purchase an Omio. This is the first time in our club's history we've been able to self-manufacture parts. The base of the robot has been built and programmed for autonomous.


Thank you, Oak Creek Lions Club!

Lion Rob and Lion Sean stopped by on Saturday for a shop tour and a update on our progress. Then they went and pick up lunch for everyone at a team favorite, Georgie Porgie's. The students highly recommend the Mac & Chz Burger, Click the logo.


Save the Date!

RTR Robot Reveal

February 20, 2024

Oak Creek High School PAEC


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

Thank you for your generous sponsorship!

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