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An Incredible Season Comes to a Close!

On Saturday, the students of Oak Creek High School's FRC team 1792 Round Table Robotics completed their 2023 robotics season by finishing 34th out of 77 teams on the Hopper Field at FIRST WORLD Championships. This journey, that started out in January, took our team over 2000 miles. From our Impact Award in Duluth Minnesota to our FINALIST spot in Milwaukee and our WINNING RECORD on the field at Champs this team has a lot to be proud of this year. We could not have done it without the support of all our sponsors. Your support does more than just build robots and help us travel the country showing off what we learned. This experience is training these students for the real-world situations that they will all someday face. For example, on Thursday the robot suffered a substantial crack in the frame of its drivetrain. The students utilized the on-site machine shop, the CAD they had worked on all season, and a GET IT FIXED attitude to be back on our field for our very next match and we helped our alliance secure a win. The team would also like to thank all of the Coaches and Mentors who have worked with the team this season. Your help, hard work and countless hours are appreciated by all. Enjoy this video recap of the 2023 season. We hope we can count on your support again in 2024.

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