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A great weekend in Milwaukee and Thursday is Culver's Day in Oak Creek!

Last weekend we participated in our second FIRST Regional event at the UWM Panther Arena. We competed with teams from around the Midwest and even a team that came up from Mexico to play "Charged Up", presented by Haas. The Milwaukee event is our home town event and we got to show off our robot and our pit to local area sponsors, a represenitive of our school district, and students in district FLL programs who will be joining our team in the near future! Our 2023 robot and drive team preformed great, with a 10 and 8 record in qualifying matches and then we were the 1st pick of the number 4 alliance in the playoffs. Along side our friends BEAST Robotics, and The Riverside RoboTigers, we ran through the finals and made it all the way to second place giving us our first ever FINALIST AWARD in team history. We also received a Judges Award for the team and the two students our team nonnominated for DEAN's List had their judges interview. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are three weeks away and we are in full fundraising mode we are at 33% of our goal for our trip to Houston Texas. Stop by the Culver's in Oak Creek at Howell and Drexel on 3/30/2023. Please click on the button to help us fund this $30,000 trip! Scroll down to see our WISCONSIN RECAP VIDEO!


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