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2023 Charged Up

Roller Intake. Able To Pick Up Cones And Cubes Fast Intake And Delivery Durable Can “Throw” Cones And Cubes Out Built And Installed On Current Robot Splayed The Front Wheels And Added Heat Sinks To The Bag Motors

Single Joint Arm. Single, shoulder joint at the superstructure Virtual four bar to keep the hand level with the ground regardless of the angle of the arm Finite Element Analysis used in CAD to ensure weight-strength efficiency.

Arm Set Points. Using PID Loops in our programming, we were able to create 8 aet points for the arm depending on cone, cube, and height.

Drive Train. 6-wheel tank drive Rugged and sturdy, able to be defense if needed Omni wheels in the back to reduce scrub 5” wheels selected – This optmized the drive train gear ratos, speed, and current draw on the RoboRio 8.157:1 gear ratio

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