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Week 5 - Build Season

Updated: Feb 17

At the close of week five, Round Table Robotics enters the last week of their “six week” build season. The SUSSEX SCRIMAGE is this coming Sunday 2/18/2024 and RTR will have a robot to test on the field. Then on Tuesday February 20th we will unveil our 2024 competition robot to the community. Please join us at the Oak Creek Performing Arts and Education Center at 6:30. Check out some of the cool things RTR has accomplished this week.

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Thanks to our sponsor, Zünd America, our presentation team is ready for Robot Reveal Night. Don’t forget to follow us on our 2024 adventure. We are on Instagram, Facebook, X, You Tube and LinkedIn.

Our Design Team has been busy adjusting the CAD for “REAL WORLD” changes as well as integrating technical items and sensors into the robot’s CAD.  We are using a vision tracking camera called a “LimeLight” to help the robot navigate the field.  Our CAD students had to figure out a safe and efficient place to mount this camera on the robot.  This week they designed, and 3D printed a custom bracket that insures the camera’s correct angle and protects it from other robots and field elements.   

Our Programing Group is incorporating new sessors that help the robot autonomously preform tasks. A new “Beam Break” sensor will let the robot know that it has acquired a game piece and it is ready for the next step of the game. 

The Business team has gotten the boards finished and cut for the robot reveal to be shown. RTR is working with the FLL team the Radioactive Llamas for their travel to Longbeach California to represent Wisconsin in a FLL invitational with teams from across the world. They will show off a video with their robot game during the robot reveal for Roundtable Robotics.

The Assembly team completed the required RED and BLUE bumpers. The rules of the game state that the robot has to have bumpers not only to protect it, other robots, and the field, but to identify what team number we are and what alliance we are on (Think Home or Away). The specifications for the assembly of the bumpers are very specific and the team did a great job finishing this task.

You are invited!

RTR Robot Reveal

February 20, 2024 6:30 PM

Oak Creek High School PAEC

Please come and meet the 2024 Team, see the robot they have built and wish them good luck for the 2024 competition season.


Thank you Chocolate factory!!


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

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