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Week 4 - Build Season

Updated: Feb 7

Week 4 and RTR is getting ready for the Sussex Scrimmage and going into Duluth! On the 18th and 28th respectively. Let's get into what they’ve done this week, just a little overdue.


The boards for the robot reveal on the 20th are done and ready for presentation, which will be cut out by our sponsor Zünd. So we’re ready to sail to that. 

Build team has gotten the robot fully complete in time for our competitions coming up, and are working on the robot's bumpers. The arm on the robot has been attached to our final design. Electrical team wired motors for the robot.

Programming team has gotten the robot to be able to move with swerve in all directions. They got the robot able to move with the use of a controller. The CAD team fixed problems in CAD.

You are invited!

RTR Robot Reveal

February 20, 2024 6:30 PM

Oak Creek High School PAEC

Please come and meet the 2024 Team, see the robot they have built and wish them good luck for the 2024 competition season.


Thank you Jersey Mikes!!


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

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