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Week 3 - Build Season

Updated: Feb 3

Week 3 was fantastic with progress towards the robot, programming, Omio, and our CAD.


The CAD team has gotten parts off the Omio for more pieces to be cut out for the robot. They have also begun to explore options for the intake, and are CADing out the electrical pannel.

The build team is using the pieces from the Omio to build the robot. They were working hard on putting the plates needed on both sides of the robot. Both sides have been completed.

The programming team has been improving and troubleshooting their code for our new Swerve Drive modules. They are working on correcting the sensor and conversion factor issues.


You are invited!

RTR Robot Reveal

February 20, 2024 6:30 PM

Oak Creek High School PAEC

Please come a meet the 2024 Team, see the robot they have built and wish them good luck for the 2024 competition season. Season shirt will be available for pick up. Order here!


This Week's Sponsor Spotlight!

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