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Our team plays a key role in off-season projects as opportunities for all students to develop industry-wide and real-world skills. We use projects such as ParadeBot, FarmBot, a t-shirt catapult, and community demonstrations to expand STEM opportunities and education in our community. We establish partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and elementary and middle schools to create sustainability in our STEM program. We are “geared up” and making the world a better place by creating well-rounded opportunities and experiences for our students and the community.



RTR started an FLL Explore program in our community in 2018. This first year we started 18 teams entirely mentored by RTR students. This year, we had 13 teams in our program, once again all mentored by RTR members. We restructured the program so that all of our Oak Creek Elementary School’s teams meet on the same day and place. RTR members collectively run lessons and games, and then teams break up to work on their individual teams build project.

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