About FIRST Lego League Jr

In 2018, Round Table Robotics began 18 FIRST Lego League Jr teams in Oak Creek Public Elementary Schools,  MPS Elementary Schools, and Community Teams. The program is now set in place, and will both continue and grow from year to year. 

In this program, kids ages 6 to 10 are introduced to STEM concepts while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO. Teams of up to 6 students work together to learn about a concept and apply their knowledge through building various models. They then go to an "expo" to showcase their work. Round Table Robotics annually hosts an expo, and it is an amazing experience for the kids. 

2019 Season: 


2019 was a great season for FLL Jr. 87 more students were involved, and all students had a tremendous time learning how to provide sustainability and accessibility in their community!


2018 Season: 



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Our first season of FLL Jr in 2018, Mission Moon, was amazing. We had a spectacular group of kids - 108 of them - that loved learning, building, and discovering! We can't wait for next season!