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FarmBot is an autonomous, open source coded farming robot that we are currently in the progress of installing at our local Hunger Task Force. This harvest season, everything it grows will be donated to senior citizens in need! 

FarmBot Timeline

Farm Bot RTR jpeg.jpg

Fall 2018

The beginning of FarmBot

In Fall of 2018, Round Table Robotics stumbled across the project FarmBot online. Immediately, we knew it was something we not only wanted to implement in our community but something we wanted to expand as well. So, we ordered the kit. 

Spring 2018

The location of FarmBot

Our next step was to find a place to put FarmBot that would effectively use it to help others. So, in the Spring of 2018 we contacted the local Hunger Task Force, an organization that our team often volunteers with, and secured a spot on their farm for FarmBot! Through this partnership, we learned much more about farming. Aditionally, everything we grow with FarmBot will be donated to senior citizens in need through the Hunger Task Force! 

June 2018

Soil Sponsorship 

In June 2018, we secured sponsorship from Blue Ribbon Organics who donated all the soil we needed for FarmBot's garden! We are very excited and grateful for their partnership. 

July 2018

Installation of FarmBot's garden

After the location and source of soil was confirmed for FarmBot, we installed a wooden box at Hunger Task Force, and later filled it with soil! This will be FarmBot's garden.  

August 2018 - May 2019

Receiving, building, moving, and programming FarmBot

We received FarmBot's kit in the mail in August 2018. That summer, we installed the rails to the side of the box, but unfortunately, the weather got in the way of finishing the project that season. Spring 2019, we picked back up right where we left off, and by May, FarmBot was fully built and programmed!

June 2019

Planting seeds

In June 2019, FarmBot planted its first seeds! It planted carrots, broccoli, lettuce, basil, spinach, and chard. It will now water and weed its garden this entire harvest season, and everything it grows will be donated to senior citizens in need!


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